Summer Educational Experience for Kids (SEEK) is a unique summer experience designed to challenge our young people. Its goal is to stimulate creativity through hands-on programs and activities in arts and sciences for students ages 5-12. Classes are designed for specific age groups. SEEK is open to all children who wish to discover and develop their talents.

Basic Info

  • Registration opens at 7:00 am on March 28, 2018
  • Registrations accepted until camp registration deadlines
  • SEEK Class cost is for 2018 $75.00 per class
  • Morning SEEK drop off beginning at 8:00 am
  • Afternoon SEEK pick up is by 4:10 pm
  • All students must provide their own lunch. Please keep in my there is no access to refrigerators or Microwaves for students.




June 11 - June 15 Golden Eagle Sports Institute  (Ages 6-9)

June 11 - June 15 Food Mania Culinary Camp

June 18 – June 22 SEEK WEEK

June 17-June 20 Stock Judging Camp

June 25- June 29  Rocket into Weather STEM Camp

June 25 – June 28 Golden Eagles Sports Institute (Ages 10-12)

July 09 – July 13 SEEK WEEK

July 16 – July 29 Fit Kids (Ages 8-13)

July 25 Annual Thunderbirds Air Show – Families Welcome!

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Summer 2018 Youth Program

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Registration and Refund Deadlines

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LCCC Summer Youth Camps Welcome Letter

Inside is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for you and your child. To ensure you are happy with the program, and your kids have a fun summer experience, please take the time to read each important point.

Youth Camp Liability Waiver

The Youth Camp Liability Waiver must be signed and returned to LCCC no later than Thursday, June 1st at 4:00 p.m. for June Camps and no later than Thursday, June 29th for July Camps and July 20th for August Camps.


Cheyenne Campus

Contact Us

Life Enrichment

Center for Conferences & Institutes, Room 109
More about SEEK


Laramie County Community College SEEK Volunteers,

We are excited to have you as a part of the SEEK program this year! We are all here for the education and safety of the children. Therefore, there are a few things that we would like volunteers to keep in mind.

1) For the mornings, please show up at 7:45am at the Multipurpose Room (MPR) in the RAC building and check in with LE staff. Please be on time as other volunteers are depending on you.

2) For the lunch hour, please arrive at 11:45am at the MPR on order to start picking up children. After morning class, please pick up all children in the classroom EVEN IF THEY TELL YOU THEY ARE BEING PICKED UP BY THEIR PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS/GUARDIANS. If they have not been picked up by the time you arrive, they are to be taken to the MPR and can be picked up there. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is how we keep track of our children. Please help us out by following the rules.

3) Keep the children away from the Emergency Call Boxes as you are walking them from their classes outside! Do not let them push the buttons under any circumstances.

4) Please eat your lunch prior to or after you are finished helping with the SEEK program. We ask that you do not sit with and eat lunch with your child/children/grandchildren during the lunch hour. Instead, please help with the SEEK program.

5) When children spill or finish eating, please be sure that they clean up their messes before they go play.

6) If you see children getting too rough with each other, please step in and calm them down.

7) Do not let children go in and out of the MPR unattended. Children must ALWAYS be chaperoned to go to the restroom, no matter their age. You may wait in the hallway for them.

8) There are many parents helping; please make sure that one volunteer is at the MPR door at ALL times.

9) If you have an emergency and cannot make it one day, please notify the Program Manager ASAP by calling 778.1236 or e-mailing KQuigley@lccc.wy.edu.

10) Volunteers will not be reimbursed for all 5 days if they are not present for the entire. Volunteers will only be reimbursed for the days they are present.

11) Volunteers MUST check-in with the LCCC staff person in charge of SEEK every morning and also during the lunch hour or we cannot verify attendance and we cannot reimburse for that day. No exceptions.

We really appreciate your time and dedication! Have a wonderful time at SEEK with our students!


Where and when can I drop off my child(ren)?
Morning SEEKers may be dropped off at their classroom between 8:45-9 a.m. or, at the RAC building on campus in Multipurpose Room (MPR) between 8-8:45 a.m. Students arriving after 8:45 a.m. will need to be taken directly to their classroom. Afternoon SEEKers are to be dropped off for classes at their classroom between 12:45 and 1 p.m.

What if my child becomes ill or has an accident?
They will be brought to CCI 109 and a parent will be called.

Where and when do I need to pick up my child(ren)?
Morning SEEKers can be picked up at 11:55 a.m. in their classrooms or at the RAC building after 12:15 p.m. Afternoon SEEKers can be picked up at their classroom between 4 and 4:10 p.m. after 4:10 you can find them in CCI 109.

Who can pick up or drop off my child(ren)?
A responsible adult that the student knows well. Students must be signed out at the end of the day. They are unable to meet their ride in the parking lot.

How do I register if I have a certificate?
Certificate registrations must be done in person – the certificate must be present at time of registration.

When does my waiver need to be turned in?
6 business days prior to the camp start date.

Can I make payments or register without payment?
No – payment MUST be made in full at the time of registration.

What number do I call in case I need to change my child(ren) schedule or have questions? 
307.778.4327 or 307.778.1236

Where do I find lost items?
In the MPR throughout the week and CCI 109 following the completion of camp. After 30 days they will be discarded.

Do you provide lunch for child(ren)?
Children must come to camp each day with a sack lunch. No microwaves will be available. The only exception are culinary classes that indicate lunch is included.

What if I want to be sure my child(ren) are in a specific class as a friend?
Due to Federal Privacy laws we are unable to discuss the schedule of other students.

What should my child(ren) wear?
Students will be active all day long. We highly suggest that they be dressed in comfortable clothing and shoes that will allow them to fully participate in their class. Please NO FLIP FLOPs. If they are registered in a water based class or for fit kids camp be sure to pack a swimsuit and towel.

Can my student have a cell phone or other electronic device?
Students are welcome to have a cell phone to call home if needed. We do ask students to keep their phones put away during class and lunch time.

Please be sure to read your parent letter and return necessary paper work.

Having trouble with registration? Email camps@prestosports.com or call 301-789-2003.